Be Boulder

Buena Vista @ Piedra del Penol

Colourful Streets @ Guatapé

The next day we jumped on a local bus to Guatapé. Before reaching the small town about two hours from Medellin, we stopped short to climb the Piedra Del Penol. A giant 200m high granite monolith. 659 brick steps stood in the way between us and the top of this ginormous Rock on a pretty hot day.

659 Steps @ Piedra del Penol

That View @ Piedra del Penol

As we climbed the first set of stairs, ignoring the overpriced mototaxis offering their services, we were puffed by the time we reached the restaurants surrounding the bottom of the monolith. We built up our courage, paid our admission and climbed those 659 steps to the very top. Not only were there people carrying children, there were also workers carrying sacks of fruit and vegetables all making us feel very unfit! Not letting them break our spirits, we reached the top and soaked in the incredible views over the surrounding areas. A perfect spot for our takeaway granola breakfast before we raced back down passing Chris and Justin, an Australian couple whom we had met the previous day on our Medellin city tour. We organised to meet up for dinner that night back in Medellin as we headed into the tiny town of Guatape.

Wet Paint @ Guatapé

Guatape resides on the edge of the man made Embalse lake. It’s best known for its traditional houses, decorated in vibrant colours and paintings covering the bottom half of the houses depicting animals, people and nature.

Moto @ Guatapé

As we strolled around this beautiful little town, we encountered some colourful locals and even more colourful homes, enjoyed a coffee in the main plaza, ate some crepes and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun whilst exploring the back streets before heading back into Medellín. That night, adorning my brand new palm tree shirt (new clothes are a big deal when you live on a rotation of 3 t-shirts) we headed across town to meet with Chris and Justin for some great pizza, drinks and laughs.

Pooch @ Guatapé

Early the next morning we headed back out to the bus terminal and jumped on a bus headed south to Jardin.

Medellín, I doubt any city will ever match your ferocious perseverance, or our complete adoration that we now have for you.

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