Guayaquil Me It’s So Boring

Iguana Show You Around My Park @ Parque Seminario

We pulled into the bus station and as we were about to jump into a cab we got a message from Ad and Rach saying they had just arrived! What perfect timing! We hadn’t seen them since Guatemala so it was really nice! We laughed at home much stuff we were carrying from the Otavalo Market blow out and jumped in a taxi to our Air BnBs which happened to be only two blocks apart!

Guayaquil is not very pretty, neither is there much to do as it’s just a normal city. The choices of where to eat are really slim and there are a lot of grim looking fast food places. I hadn’t been feeling too well and hadn’t really eaten much for the last day or so and smartly decided to skip the fast food lunch the others were getting. We headed out along the water front and contemplated some carnival rides. We concluded to give them a kiss after what happened at Carnival in Mexico! We walked through the carnival rides along the not so pretty waterfront and through a very weird dinosaur “display”?!

Pretty Flowers Overlooking The City @ Guayaquil

On the way home we stopped in at Parque Seminario a.k.a the Park of iguanas and enjoyed watching the huge Iguanas free to roam about. It was weird and pretty cool.

Adam and Rach came over for dinner in our great little studio apartment, Adam cooked for his women.

Next day we all went to the malls for Galapagos supplies to make our time there cheaper! We came back with loads of snacks and dry food, snorkels and rash vests for the cold water!

Dogs in Windows @ Guayaquil

The next day we walked up to lighthouse that looked over the water which was quite pretty but really we were just killing time. We spent the rest of the day packing and getting REALLY excited about the Galapagos! I have literally been dying to go for years and it’s finally here!

After doing some washing at Ad and Rach’s we had another family dinner at ours. Talking about doing washing certainly is boring in a blog (much like all of Guayaquil city for that matter) but when you’re rotating 3/4 out of shape functional yet nerdy outfits for a year, having the use of a free washing machine is up there with (maybe even higher than) a good free breakfast in backpacker terms!

This Is My Branch @ Parque Seminario

Rach and Ad flew out the next day a couple hours before us. We got up leisurely but a bit like kids on Christmas Day. Headed to the airport super early and got in a queue we were told we needed to be in to get a Tourist Entry Card. The queue was huge and were waiting for about fifteen minutes without moving before we overheard a family behind us. Josh the kid (around 13) was asking his mum about how much everything was costing. The mum replied “as long as you don’t need eat between now and Christmas, it’s fine”. We all laughed and started chatting away about how bankrupt we were all going to be after this trip. The dad Chris started contemplating trying to jump out of the queue and do the bag drop while Kate his wife waited there. I followed him and left Jess in the queue holding our spots. We had to get the bags checked for unauthorised things like plastic bags/fresh food/seeds etc. it was just like crossing state borders in Australia. I got all the bags sealed and tagged then ran off to the check in desk to try my luck. I somehow managed to check Jess and myself in without Jess actually being there and rejoined Jess at the Tourist Card queue. We saved heaps of time in a rather convoluted process and waltzed through security to grab a coffee.

Suddenly, Bek and Ad ran past us looking really panicked. They had flown that morning from Quito with a quick stop in Quayquil only it wasn’t a stop it was a plane change and they were running to go pull their bags off so they didn’t get sent to the wrong island. Luckily all was fine but I’ve never really seen Adam look anything but exceedingly happy so his concerned look was like an entirely different person!

El Faro @ Guayaquil

We met a new Irish friend called John and we were off to the Galapagos! With 12 SD cards emptied, all batteries charged and both of us rating to go!

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